Creative Habit/Class Final

For the creative habit, I decided to take photos of my feet everyday and document a little bit about the day or what was happening in the moment I took the photo. The reason I decided to pick this as my habit, is because of the most recent tattoo I got. I got “The Places You’ll Go” on my ankles. I got this tattoo to remind myself that I am going places. With this project, my goal was to document every day where I have been.

day 10

For this day, I documented my cousins and I on Thanksgiving. We went Black Friday shopping. Not for the deals, but to mess with the people at the store. We ended up playing a few rounds of hide and seek and spent a good amount of time in Toys R Us. This photo documents the love I have for my family.

day 11

On this day, I documented the time I got my tattoo. This is the heart of my creative habit. I love this photo for so many reasons. This photo documents the passion I have for myself and tattoos.

day 19

On this day, I documented my feet at a Relient K concert. This was an awesome time for me. Relient K is my favorite band. I have seen them every December for the last three years. Each concert is better than the year before. This photo documents the time I spend standing in a crowd listening to “Be My Escape”.

day 20

On this Sunday, I documented the time/amount I spent on washing my clothes. Next to the tattoo photo, this is one of my favorites in the set. As much as I love washing my clothes, I hate waiting for it, and I sure as hell hate paying for it. In this photo, I documented the bitterness and patience I have.

I adored this project. I loved doing researching for it and actually creating them each day. I’m going to continue doing this project, starting on January 1st, 2015. I’m going to do a 365 day project titled “The Places You’ll Continue To Go”



Week Four Assignment (Project III)

This is it. 21 days later, and this is the last week of the creative habit.

This last weeks photos have been based around stress and finals. They seem pretty bitter, only because I was pretty bitter. I was also sick. It was a rough week.

Here are this weeks photos;

day 15

Day fifteen

day 16

Day sixteen

day 17

Day seventeen

day 18

day eighteen

day 19

Day nineteen

day 20

Day twenty

day 21

Day twenty one

I’m sad that this project is coming to an end. I have decided though, to continue documenting my life this way for the next year. I want to create something bigger with this. Maybe a new series or project or just expand on this one, which is most likely what I’m going to do. I want to keep track of the places I go and see where I end up.


Week Three Assignment (Project III)

Last week, I think I have achieved the challenge of making this project my own. I’m really proud of this. During break, while working on this project, I spent some time trying to find any photographer that shoots feet.

I came across a photographer named Tom Robinson. Firstly, I’d like to take a second and say that is work outside of the “First Feet” is beautiful. Robinson did a series titled “First Feet”. Robinson and his family document their trips this way, just like I’m documenting the places I’m going this way.


Here is my set of “The Places You’ll Go” documentary/creative habit for this week.

day 8

Day eight

day 9

Day nine

day 10

Day ten

day 11

Day elevan

day 12

Day twelve

day 13

Day thirteen

day 14

Day fourteen

I really enjoyed this weeks set, because I got to shoot in most of it in my hometown. I’m still in love with this project. Something you can take away from this project so far is that I have a lot of mustache socks. By the looks of things, I’m totally going to continue doing this after the semester ends.


Week Two Assignment (Project III)

We’re one week into the creative habit project. Last week, I was “challenged” to make this my own. I think by adding the text based on the day I took the photo helps. I want this project to be simple and clean. When we took the class field trip to the library, I used the time to edit and come up with a layout and font.

Here is the first weeks worth of photos;

day 1

Day one

day 2

Day two

day 3

Day three

day 4

Day four

day 5

Day five

day 6

Day six

day 7

Day seven

I have a lot of ideas for this up coming week. I’m still on a track to making these more my own, since this is somewhat done a lot. I really like where this is going, and I am very excited to continue moving forward.


Week One Assignment (Project III)

Creative Habit

For this project, I want to take a photo a day. As a photo major, this doesn’t only give me a chance to do something related to my major, but to help me get into a habit of shooting even when I don’t like what I see.

My proposal is this; “The Places You’ll Go” Project

This month, when I’m back in my hometown for Thanksgiving, I’m getting “The Places You’ll Go” tattooed on my ankles. As cheesy as this sounds, I want to take a photo of my feet everyday. I want to capture each day where I’m going, or where I had been. I also want to add a line of text to each photo, either from Dr. Seuss or a line or two about what was happening while I took that photo. Like documenting what I saw or what was happening in the moment. What will be consistent with each photo is the placement of my feet, the edit, and the size. Each photo is going to be a perfect square. I’m going to set up each photo so it looks like a polaroid. I’m going to find a nice hand written font to place under the photo. When this project comes to an end (or a pause, if I enjoy this as much as I plan to, I’ll continue to do it) I’m going to put every photo on one document to see how they vary.

Here are some photographers I’m looking into; I’m researching and study documentary photography for this project, since I plan on documenting places and feet/shoes.

Here are some examples of what I want to shoot;

IMG_0298   IMG_0769


IMG_1804 IMG_2481 IMG_0398

The photos I take will be shot with my DLSR. These example photos are ones I had on my phone. One is from my senior year of high school. I feel like this has been an idea/potential project for a while now.

I can see this project going places (get it? GOING PLACES, that’s funny) For real, though – I could make it into a book or something. I’m really loving this idea.


Week Eight Assignment (Project II)

So, just an FYI.. I did more blog posts than I needed to, I think. That’s okay though, the more the better!!

I just found out that we needed to have a blog post for tomorrow. Here is it.

The project is done!! It was such a pleasure being apart of this group. I really enjoyed seeing the animators work with us photographers. Alayna did an amazing job running this project. We faced a lot of problems, but she took them all on. This project has given me a lot of real or experience.

Here are some of the high lights from PaperKid;

IMG_0763 IMG_0758 IMG_3725 IMG_3717 IMG_0760 IMG_0682

Along with being apart of this group. I loved working and becoming close with Zoe, Catherine and David. We worked so well together and had such a great time. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of photographers/artist to spend all my time with. They’re rad and talented and I love them.


See? We had a lot of fun together. We are a team.

Thanks for a rad experience, Papkerkid. See you guys around.


Week Seven Assignment (Project II)

So, More Than Doodles got changed back to PaperKid because of things like it being to far into the project and things, which is logical.

As yet another friendly reminder, for this project – I’m a photographer/on the documentary team/making posters. I’ve been working with rad photographers and we’ve been having an all around good time.

This past week or so, we finished filming!! Here are two quick snap shots from the set.

IMG_0681 IMG_0682

I’m really glad that we finished up filming, the hard part is finally done!!

But, to talk more about what the photographers and I have been working on,

POSTERS!!!! We finished them. We worked together to make posters that are visually related. Here are a finished copy of mine and Davids.

Final Poster Poster2-01

We printed off the posters, and hung them up around campus. We’re advertising the project. On the poster, we added the time, date, and where the final PaperKid video is going to be showed.

Here are some snap shots from printing/hanging posters

IMG_0756 IMG_0757 IMG_0764 IMG_0765

IMG_0758 IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0763 IMG_0766

We also finished up the interviews. Everything is looking really great and we’re getting close to the finish line.


PS!!!! We were told by our director to put 8 am on the posters, and today I found out that we should have put 9am from one of the instructors. It’s a little late in the game to change this, since we already printed and hung the posters. We all put time/money into this. For the digital copies, I’m going to fix it, but there isn’t much we can do it with now.